Formal training 
Title: Professor of Natural Sciences. Inst Sup del Profesorado Nuestra Sra del Huerto. Año 1998 Rosario, Argentina. 
High school diploma: Bachelor of Science specializing in Biology. Normal School No. 1. Rosario, Argentina.
Unregulated training 
Spain Graduate degree in professional specialization of school monitors. Adeit Universidad empresa Valencia. 
Course teletrainers forming. European Social Fund Tripartite Foundation. Introductory course the sales process for managers. Metaforum 
Design course online educational platforms. CEF-Valencia 
Performance in drug dependence. University Study Centre Carpe Diem. Learning problems. University Study Centre Carpe Diem. 
Trainer of trainers. "Servef" Servicio Valenciano de empleo y formación. 390hs training.
Being a teacher today, "The teacher looked at the educational work" in the "Institute for Public Policy," August 2000. 
Training course for school tutors. During the month of November 1999, at the Higher School of Trade "Libertador General San Martín". 

Native Spanish 
English: 3 years of residence in Australia. 
5 years of completed secondary education in bilingual school. 
9 years of study at private training institute. 

Public speaking techniques. Ideology Formation. European Social Fund Tripartite Foundation. Aimed at executives Virosque Cranes carrier. 
Conflict resolution in the company. Mediation. Ideology Training for Spanish Red Cross. 
Nutrition and dietetics. Training ideas for Nature Arci social intervention. Monitors forming a school meal and free time. Irco, Colevisa, CAPS, Serunión, Coalme catering. From 2008 to 2012. 
Tutor training and distance modality. Content formative education sector, environment, health, communication skills and directives, e-commerce. CONCEPT FORMATION. Bonus training consultant companies. Trainer, group techniques, animation and dynamic (for monitors improvement of school meals). Trainer Educational intervention in the school canteen. Assertive communication, conflict resolution and school mediation. European Social Fund Tripartite Foundation. Format, consultant in formations S.L. From May 2008 to May 2010. 
Trainer in food handling. European Social Fund Tripartite Foundation. Asimag training consultant. 
Trainer in environmental awareness for Foundation FORTRADE 
Professor of English school classes for children 3 to 5 years. Recreational programming. Rodriguez Forno public school in Valencia. March to June 2008. Trainer in food hygiene and cafeteria monitors of the Centre for Studies aprenent d `. European Social Fund Tripartite Foundation. 
Occupational trainer in food hygiene and food handling in the School of Hospitality and Tourism Valencia. December 2002 to May 2006. European Social Fund Tripartite Foundation. 
Instructor of children's activities. Anti-AIDS Committee, July and August 2005. Voluntary. 
Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics in the post-graduate in Management and Pastry Kitchen, Research and Development Center Bohio. From March 2004 to December 2004. 
Forming half-occupational environmental awareness in the School of Hospitality and Tourism Valencia. European Social Fund Tripartite Foundation. April 2004 to December 2004. 

Project manager and training manager. European Social Fund Tripartite Foundation. 
Educational coordinator and director of agency Acadomia. French educational company dedicated to private lessons at home. June 2006 to March 2008. Director of Studies at the School of Tourism Valencia. Postgraduate and Master of hotel and restaurant management. November 2004 to July 2005. Valencia-Spain. 

Programming and delivery of lectures in day centers for social work "Fundación La Caixa" 
-Grandparents writers. CEAM Catarroja 
-Alternative therapies (aromatherapy, yoga, hydrotherapy, etc.). Dr. Watsman CEAM Valencia 
Colloquium talk programming delivery and first aid, caring for people with dementia and Alzheimer's group aimed at seniors and dependent carers. Neighborhood day center Aldaia Christ. October 2009 2008/Octubre. 
Delivery, and creation of Video Programming forum for the Elderly "Aging with dignity." Neighborhood social center Aldaia Christ. September 2008. 
Teaching and lecture-programming for the elderly group. Active Retirement, full maturity and sexuality, 1 aid. Community Center neighborhood of Christ-Aldaia. June 2008, October 2009. 
Creating activities in day centers offer. Seniors Workshops 

Instructor in the School of Commerce "Libertador General San Martín", National University of Rosario. May 1996 to December 2001 
Professor of biology 1999-2001 
Teaching Practice in E.E.M.P.A. (Adult School) No. 1165 "José Hernández", 1999. 

Ecology Course, planned and taught in the School of Commerce "Libertador General San Martín" Rosario, the 04/08/2000 to 11/08/2000. Aimed at students aged 12 years, aimed at raising environmental awareness and self expression. 
Workshop - Discussion about Transplantation and Organ Donation, planned and taught in the School of Commerce "Libertador General San Martín" Rosario, the 04/11/2001 to 06/11/2001. Aimed at students aged 16, whose aim was to encourage dialogue and through knowledge, eradicate taboos. Creating manual "The art of turning death into life" DESIGN TRAINING 

Trainer of trainers. Editorial Format 
Educational intervention in the school. Editorial Format 
Personal autonomy and health education. Editorial Format 

Ideology of a new school ISBN 978-8-4612-2714-3 
Fairytales coloring ISBN978-84-614-3356-8 
Coaching techniques. Learning to Be ISBN 978-84-614-3357-5 
Nutrition and food hygiene ISBN 978-1-4092-1874-6 
Four stories ISBN 978-1-4092-1875-3 
Freedom or conviction ISBN 978-8-4612-1809-7 
Diary of an immigrant ISBN 978-1-4092-1873-9 
Diary of a Travel. Argentina vs. ISBN978 K-1-4092-2164-7 

Freelance networking  as web content editor
Collaborator secc educarte. Digital magazine culture, which is part of the knowledge dissemination activities undertaken by the Association of Educational Television Iberoamericana (ATEI). 
Participating in club writers. Participant stories of solidarity in favor of Amnesty International.

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